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Reads in code, writes out HTML with CSS classes based on the tokens in the code.

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See it in action here.


npm install highlights


Run highlights -h for full details about the supported options.

To convert a source file to tokenized HTML run the following:

highlights file.coffee -o file.html

Now you have a file.html file that has a big <pre> tag with a <div> for each line with <span> elements for each token.

Then you can compile an existing Atom theme into a stylesheet with the following:

git clone https://github.com/atom/atom-dark-syntax
cd atom-dark-syntax
npm install -g less
lessc --include-path=stylesheets index.less atom-dark-syntax.css

Now you have an atom-dark-syntax.css stylesheet that be combined with the file.html file to generate some nice looking code.

Check out the examples to see it in action.

Check out atom.io to find more themes.

Some popular themes:

Using in code

Highlights = require 'highlights'
highlighter = new Highlights()
html = highlighter.highlightSync
  fileContents: 'var hello = "world";'
  scopeName: 'source.js'

console.log html


<pre class="editor editor-colors">
  <div class="line">
    <span class="source js">
      <span class="storage modifier js"><span>var</span></span>
      <span class="keyword operator js"><span>=</span></span>
      <span class="string quoted double js">
        <span class="punctuation definition string begin js"><span>&quot;</span></span>
        <span class="punctuation definition string end js"><span>&quot;</span></span>
      <span class="punctuation terminator statement js"><span>;</span></span>

Loading Grammars From Modules

highlights exposes the method requireGrammarsSync, for loading grammars from npm modules. The usage is as follows:

npm install atom-language-clojure
Highlights = require 'highlights'
highlighter = new Highlights()
  modulePath: require.resolve('atom-language-clojure/package.json')


:green_heart: Pull requests are greatly appreciated and welcomed.